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What is a protocol?

Protocols are standardised ways of collecting data. The methodology to follow depends on each study. Protocols are only available when a Local Portal supports them. Not all partners support the same protocols.

How can I access the protocol?

First of all, an administrator needs to give you access to a protocol. Then, the coordinator of the protocol will give you guidelines on how to conduct the survey, and you will be responsible to survey the site assigned to you folloing the protocol guidelines. However, not all partners give you access atomatically to the protocol in NaturaList. You will always be able to access it through the local portal, but on occasions, an administrator will have to grant you access to it through NaturaList.

To enter data in Protocols, you need to select the species list from the country the protocol takes place. If your protocol involves more than one taxonomic group, you select the appropriate species list for all taxa involved. For example, if counting birds in Germany under the Waterbird census protocol, your list for birds should be that of Germany. If your protocol involves birds and mammals in France, you should select the french species list for both birds and mammals. To select the appropriate list go to Menu > Tools > Preferences > Species > Choice of species.

Some protocol require other settings. Go to Menu > Preferences to set them up.

Once all settings are ready, access the protocol as if entering non protocoled observations (+ icon at the bottom right corner). You will have as much entries as the number of protocoled census you are registered for. The ones in white are the ones activated for the species list you choose. The ones in grey are linked to another species list and are not activated until you modify it. Click on the protocol you need.