Species partially hidden

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Some species are hidden for the public during all or part of the year in order to protect them. To see which are these species and when they are protected, go to the right hand column from the home screen. Click on Species partially hidden under the Useful information tab (see image Species partially hidden. To see species colour correspondence regarding their rarity level, or symbols next to the species name, go to Web interface > Codes and symbols. You can always hide any record you consider publishing its data can disturb or damage the individual, species or habitat. Hidden records are marked with a yellow key (see wiki section Web interface > Codes and symbols) and you can hide and show any time. The general public and registered users will not see this record, but general coordinators and species analysts will still do.

Species partially hidden.

Note: images and examples are drawn from the French portal Faune-France. The design and position of some tools may vary slightly from portal to portal. To see a list of portals go to wiki section Local portals and partners.