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You can edit or delete the records you have submitted each time you have the edit button Edit button.png or the dustbin button Bin button.png located next to it.

Access your data as usual: in the right hand column (your last sightings during entering data) or from the left hand column: (All my sightings) or with the search engine.

If only the red logo No edit button.pngis shown and the bin is no more present, it means you can no longer edit all the fields of your record due to the fact that the record has been exported and you need to contact your local administrator to edit some part or delete it.

From the right hand column: Your last sightings

On the right hand column as you enter those following the add sightings on this locality or add a precise sighting path (see wiki section Web interface > Submitting records > Step 3/3: Transmit my sighting). The list shows your last 30 submitted observations, by site and date. To edit a record click on the pencil and paper icon, to delete use the dustbin icon (see image Editing records from latest sightings list). When editing a record, you get a short summary of the observation and three tabs from which to modify the data: picture and sound, data and site (see image Editing a simple record. Add a photo).

Edit record on latest sightings.png

Editing records from latest sightings list.

1. Edit record
2. Delete record

Modify a simple record

After a short summary to the record, you can modify the data by using the three tabs. Choose tabs to access the sections you need to modify. To delete the record, press on the dustbin icon (see image Editing records from the right hand column).

20220901WIKI Editing records general.png

Editing records from the right hand column.

1. Choose section to modify
2. Delete record
3. Add changes
4. Go to previous page

Picture and sound

Here you can add a picture or a sound file as in wiki section Web interface > Submitting records > Step 3/3: Transmit my sighting, and in image Transmitting sightings, non mandatory fields. You can also delete all records by clicking the dustbin on the bottom left. Once the picture uploaded, click Add at the bottom of the form. See image Editing a simple record. Add a photo.


Choose tab Modify data and edit date, species, count, comments and/or additional information, except pictures and sounds, as in wiki section Web interface > Submitting records > Step 3/3: Transmit my sighting. Modify as needed and click Update at the bottom. See image Editing a simple record. Modify data.


Select Edit place and navigate the map as in wiki section Web interface > Submitting records > Step 1/3: Approximate choice of a site > By clicking on the map; and wiki section Web interface > Submitting records > Step 2/3: Precise site choice > Add a precise sighting. Click on the map at the exact position of the sighting. This record may automatically be linked to a new predetermined site. See image Editing a simple record. Edit place.

Modify a record from a list

Records belonging to a list are marked with a green square, full when the list is complete (1) or hollow when it is a partial list (2) (see image below).

20220901WIKI my sightings on list.png

Example of records that belong to a list.

1. Full square: complete list.
2. Hollow square: partial list.

If a record belongs to a list, there are further options at the bottom of the summary. Click the dustbin with a pen to delete the full list, or click the pen with plus sign (+) to add a new record to the list. There is also one more tab allowing you to modify details of the full list: Modify the form (see image Editing a list). Any changes you make under the Modify the form or Edit place tabs will apply to the whole list.

20220109WIKI modify list.png

Editing a list.

1. Delete record, delete list, add a record to the list
2. Tabs applying to the whole list
3. Alternate complete and partial list
4. Your current list
5. Save changes

Edit place
When editing the location of a record belonging to a list, and if you recorded the trace while entering your observations through NaturaList. In the Edit place tab, along with the current position of your selected observation, you will see the track you followed.

Capture 2023-03-03 at 14.13.13.png

Track along with current position of observation.

1. Recorded track. The colour intensity indicates the speed: the darker, the faster.
2. Current observation.

From the left hand column: All my observations

It is also possible to modify your observations by going to All my observations in the left hand column of the screen (see image Editing records from all my observations). Click on the icons next to each record: dustbin to delete it, pen and paper to modify it. If they are part of a list, you can also delete the complete list (icon dustbinbin with a pen). Place your mouse on top of each icon to see to which action they correspond to. When editing, you will be taken to image Editing a list.

Edit from list on left column.png

Editing records from "all my observations".

Note: images and examples are drawn from the French portal Faune-France. The design and position of some tools may vary slightly from portal to portal. To see a list of portals go to wiki section Local portals and partners.