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Only you and administrators have the right to delete your records. It can be done from any part of the website where you can see your data (for example, Last 2, 5 or 15 days, Latest rare sightings, All my sightings, Search engine, Protocols, and so on). See two examples below.

    Depending the local portal you are using, the bin icon may be deactivated if the data has been already exported. If it is the case, you will not see the bin icon, and the editing icon becomes red (3 on image Bin to delete data in "All my observations").

    To delete such data you need to contact your local administrator.

Deleting records from list of records:

  • click on the icon next to the observation to delete: a bin to delete a single record (1 on image below), a bin with a pen to delete a full list (2 on image below).
  • confirm before deleting the entry: select confirm to delete the entry, or cancel to keep it.

Bin to delete data in "All my observations".

1. Delete a single record.
2. Delete a full list.
3. Impossible to edit the record. Please contact your local administrator if necessary.

Deleting records from editing records/seeing details:

  • click on the delete icon: bin to delete a single record, bin with pen to delete a full list (see image below).

Bin in sightings details

See wiki section Editing records for more details about editing data.

Note: images and examples are drawn from the French portal Faune-France. The design and position of some tools may vary slightly from portal to portal. To see a list of portals go to wiki section Local portals and partners.