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Editing records

It is possible to edit records at different stages: before and after synchronisation. While entering your records, it is also possible to make minor modifications.

    To modify data while entering:
    • Use the back button to move to previous screens and re-enter the data. Note data is not yet saved and you loose it by going back. You need to enter it all again from the point of modification.
    • Use the cross button to cancel the current record and start again. The record is not saved so rather than modifying it, you will re-start entering the observation.
    • Use the add / substract function to modify the number of individuals while entering a list later.

Before synchronisation

Before synchronization, your observations are stored on your mobile device and therefore can only be edited in NaturaList.

With the List button

After entering an observation, you can modify the basic information you just entered by accessing the list of species in your phone. To do so, click on the list icon from the Place screen (see image below) and click on the record to modify it.

Editing from the List button.

After selecting the record to modify, you can change the number of individuals, the age and sex of those individuals, or update the atlas code (see image). You can also delete the record.

Editing records from the List button. Menu.

Change the count

Change the number of individuals and/or the count precision or Start a counter. See Mobile interface > Submiting records > Directly in the field > Number of individuals for more information.

Update details

Add/subtract or change the number of individuals for each sex and age class. See wiki section Adding details for more information.

Atlas code

Change atlas code if necessary. See Mobile interface > Submiting records > Directly in the field > Additional information> Atlas code for more on atlas code.

From the map

    Function only available:
    • with a list in the field.
    • with protocols displaying maps with observations.

While entering data on a list in the field or in protocols using maps, modify records on the current list directly from the map screen between records (see image below).

Editing records directly from the map.

To modify a recordː

1. Activate species summary by clicking on the icon:
When active, the icon shows orange and all species entered appear on the map along with its species code and the number of individuals. If a species was not counted, it does not indicate the count. When inactive, the species summary icon shows yellow.

2. Click on the record to modify:
Click on the dot representing the observation you wish to modify. When you are able to make changes, the interface becomes orange and the dot, blue. The time of the observation is shown in the summary.

3. Modify 'Place':
Move the red marker to indicate your obervation's new position and click Next to access other details.. If you do not need to modify the position, click Next without moving the red marker.

4. Modify other details:
Click Next to save current position and access other details for the record. If needed, modify as explained in wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Directly in the field > Step 4: Additional information. If you need to modify the species or number of individuals, see wiki section Mobile interface > Editing records > Before synchronisation > For records in the phone for details of how to do it.

Click Finish to save changes. You can then continue entering data.

From records In the phone

Go to menu on the top left corner and select In the phone to access a list of all your observations in the phone (see image Browsing In the phone). Click on any species name to open the menu for this record and select update this record (see image Editing records from In the phone). You will access the additional data screen from where to modify the data (see bottom image Updating a record In the phone).

Access list.png

Editing records from In the phone.

1. Access menu.
2. Edit record.
3. Delete record.

Update a record.png

Updating a record In the phone.


Add or modify a comment for this record. The comment can be public (other users will see it along with your record, unless your record is hidden) or private (only you can see it). See wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Additional information > Comments for more information.


Enter the number of individals according to their age and sex. To see how to do it, go to wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Additional information > Details.

Atlas code

Enter the atlas code for the record. Atlas codes depend on the country and you can set them in your Preferences. Visit wiki secition Mobile interface > Submitting records > Additional information > Atlas code for more detailed information.

Hidden record

Select / unselect to indicate if you want your record to be visible to other users or only to you and the administrators. If you want it to apply for all your sightings, change your default option in Preferences. See wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Additional information > Hidden record for more information.

Picture / sound

Add / delete picture or sound for this records. You can upload a picture/sound stored in your phone or take a new picture/sound. Visit wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Additional information > Picture to know how to do it.


Change the species position as explained in wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Place.


Change the name of the species, if necessary. Visit wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Species for more information on how ot enter a species.

Number of individuals

Amend the number of individuals, the precision count or start a counter. See wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Number of individuals for more information.

Date and Time

Modify the date of observation by clicking on the date button, and select a new date from the expandable calendar. If you want to enter or modify the time of the observation, tick Enter time to open a clock from where to select the time. Go to Mobile interface > Submitting records > Later > Date/Time to know how to use the calendar and the clock.


If you checked the cell to record your trace while recording a list, click on the Trace icon and Delete the trace if necessary.


Indicate / modify if an individual is wounded or dead, and select its cause if known. To know how to navigate this section, go to wiki section Mobile interface > Sumitting records > Additional information > Mortality / injuries.


Ending edition

When data is correct, click Validate to save the new information.

After synchronisation

To synchronise records see wiki section Mobile interface > Submitting records > Synchronisation.

After synchronisation your observations are already submitted and published in a web portal (local ones and data.biolovision.net). From that point, it is no longer editable from NaturaList. To edit (or delete) an already synchronised observation, go to the local portal representing the territory the observation took place.

This option is only available when your records are already synchronised and allows you to access your records on the local website. If you have an open session on the corresponding web site in the device you are using, access directly the record to edit in the corresponding local portal, by selecting the record you want to modify from your phone and choosing Go to web page.

If, on the contrary, you do not currently have an open session to the corresponding web page at the device you are using, clicking on Go to web page will take you to the website but will require logging in. You will see a message saying your record does not exist. Go to homepage (see image Go to web page when not logged in, encircled) and log in. Leave the session open by clicking on Store the password when logging in and Go to the web page from NaturaList to directly access the record to modify. Otherwise, search the record in the website as explained in wiki section Web interface > Browsing records > As a registered user > from Explore tab > All my observations.

See a list of local portals at Various > Local portals and access the record manually as explained in All my observations.

To log in into a local portal, use the same credentials you use for NaturaList. To see how to edit records from a local portal, see wiki section Web interface > Local portals > Editing records. When no local portal exists for the area, it is impossible to edit or delete a record after synchronization.


Editing lists

Besides the functions already described in Editing records before synchronisation, it is possible to modify list parameters or add new individuals to an existing list.

Modify list parameters

To modify the general parameters of a list, go to any record In the phone belonging to the list, Update this record (see image Editing records from In the phone and select Species list (see image below).

Editing list parameters (Menu).

Enter / modify information as if ending a list and click Next to continue editing this record or finish (see image below).

Editing list parameters.

1. Time list started.

2. Time list ended.


4. Type of list: check if this is a complete list.

Add individuals to a list

To add data to a finished list, go to the menu on the top left corner and select In the phone. Click randomly any record from the list you want and select Add a sighting to the list (see image below). Records belonging to a list are marked with an empty green square (partial list) or a full green square (complete list) next to the name. See wiki section Various > Symbols cheatsheet to see the correspondence of codes and symbols.

Adding individuals to a finished list.


Specify the time of the observation if necessary by unselecting Do not enter and select the new time from the expandable clock as described in Mobile interface > Submitting records > Date / Time. Save when done (see image).

Adding individuals to a list. Time.

Editing Protocols

Modify a record belonging to a protocol as a normal record. See wiki section Editing records for details.

Modify starting and ending time, comments and indicate if all species were recorded as if modifying a list.

Add individuals to an existing protocol as in a non-protocolled list. See wiki section Editing lists on how to do it.

Modify protocol parameters

To modify the protocol general parameters, go to any record In the phone belonging to the protocol, Update this record (see image Editing records from In the phone and select Protocol (see image below). Enter / modify information and click Next to modify other information for this record or finish.

Editing protocol parameters.

Deleting records

    • Go to Menu on the top left corner.
    • Select In the phone.
    • Select the data you want to cancel.
    • Choose Delete.
    • Confirm.

It is possible to delete records in NaturaList after entering them and before they have been synchronised. Once your records have been synchronised, delete them by passing through the local portal. See wiki section Web interface > Deleting records.

In NaturaList, access your data like for editing and select the Delete option. You will be prompted to confirm.


Deleting a record.

1. Access menu.
2. Delete record.

Deleting lists

Delete records belonging to a list as in wiki section Deleting records.

To delete the full list

  • before synchronisation, delete records from the list individually. You will be given the option to also delete the list when it contains no more records. Click OK to delete or Cancel to keep the list despite being empty (see image below).

Delete list.png

Deleting an empty list.

  • after synchronisation, go to your local portal and use the dustbin icon (see image below).

Delete list in portal.png

Deleting a list from the local portal.


Deleting protocols

Delete records belonging to a protocol as an individual record. See wiki section Deleting records on how to do it.

Delete the full protocol as if it were a list. Delete first all records belonging to the protocol individually and you will have the option to delete the protocol. See wiki section Deleting lists for details.